San Diego Dustless Blasting – Located on Pioneer Way in El Cajon, CA.  Surrounded by fabricators, welders, and other trades that go well with blasting.  Fast turn around time and typically around $135/hr.  No powder coating service provided, however they offer to paint and haul vehicles for you.  They also have a lift for undercarriage work and let you work on your vehicle yourself if you want for $20/hr.  They have terrific mechanical knowledge and blasting expertise of coarse.  San Diego Dustless Blasting requires an appointment as they also provide mobile service.

Able Sand Blasting – These guys are solid and honest.  Located in El Cajon they also provide powder coating.  They charge $150/hr and you can drop off without an appointment.

One thing to note…no sandblasting company (honest one) can provide an accurate price.  All pricing is an estimate as it’s impossible to know what the coating is and what’s behind it.


RW Little – Located on PCH, these guys also charge around $150 and you can drop off with no appointment.  Drop off time is a bit longer than the others, but they’ve been around forever.